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  • Need new camera

    Going to Cancun in August and want a camera capable of taking snorkeling, and also be sand-proof if possible. This will also serve as my main camera and not just for the trip.

    I have a Canon Powershot A530 now, and it was fine on our cruise last year, but I was continually concerned for it's safety while at various ports in the Caribbean, and had to pay someone else for some underwater pics.

    The Canon has developed a "White-out" on the LCD screen and it is all but impossible to see what you are going to shoot a picture of. I suspect, from the fact that I picked up the camera one day from atop the microwave and had to snap the body of the camera back together, that it had been knocked off the oven and put back without anyone confessing to the crime. This is most likely the cause of the screen malfunction. With 3 girls and 3 cats loose, who do you point at?

    Anyhow, I have looked at the Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 and it looks fairly indestructable, and good for 33' depth, but I'd like to stay closer to $200, and it uses an xD card rather than an SD, so I'd need one of those as well. The onlt Canon i saw looked like a toy and has no lense cover, but got good reviews.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    I would recommend looking at and use their buying guide to find cameras that have all the exact features you are looking for. Then I am sure they have reviews on there as well.


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      Also check out StevesDigicams.

      Wish I could be of more help.


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        Thanks for the info. I can see it will not be cheap.

        Anyone else have any suggestions?


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          Originally posted by Monkeypimp
          I would recommend looking at and use their buying guide to find cameras that have all the exact features you are looking for. Then I am sure they have reviews on there as well.
          +1. dpreview does an amazing job reviewing cameras.


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            We bought the Canon D10, and we've been very happy with it. Great image quality, and very nice video performance. The lense cover doesn't matter really. It's nice that it's all self contained.

            Something to keep in mind, a depth of 30 feet really isn't 30 feet, it's more like 25 feet when you consider pressure changes when you are moving around.

            Overall, we're very happy though. My wife's a professional photographer, and even she likes the image quality.
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              my wife and I cruise a couple times a year and I've struggled with the same questions.

              I've come to the conclusion that taking good pictures underwater is completely it's own animal. I've borrowed a water proof digital camera, tried one in a waterproof case, and used disposable water proof film cameras. So far the best shots have come from the disposable film camera.

              Taking waterproof out of the equation, I've found it incredibly useful to have a big zoom.

              I almost went digital SLR and I still might a some point, but I don't want the weight or trouble of lugging lenses through ports.

              I'm still using a panasonic dmc-fz7, but I'm thinking of upgrading to a fz35 before our next cruise in september.

              As far as safety goes, I cross strap it and stay out of dark alleys. ;) Seriously though the fz is a larger camera and doesn't look as dorky with a strap as compact camera does. The best you can do is prevent the quick grab, if you stay with a compact camera, get a caribiner that you can clip to your belt with a strap you can stuff with the camera into your pocket.


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                Some good info, thanks. I may simply pick up a disposable camera for underwater shots, and just get a new general purpose camera to take along.

                After looking at cameras at Walmart, I still prefer the Canons for overall feel. I agree with the zoom comment. My current Canon has a 4X optical plus digital, and I usually wish for more. My JVC video camera has much greater zoom capability, but using it for still shots is less than ideal. No where near the pic quality of the Canon.

                Anyone know of good internet prices on Canons?


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                  Check Amazon and BHPhoto


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                    fz35 is 18x optical or 27-486mm equivalent, but it is far from being pocket sized. the canon that competes with it is the sx20is.

                    I tend to use CNET reviews and pricing aids. I've mail ordered successfully from adorama, but they are very high pressure add-on people on the phone and will attempt to spam you to death after the fact.


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                      Panasonic Fz35 is a good one

                      Originally posted by hcw3
                      I'm still using a panasonic dmc-fz7, but I'm thinking of upgrading to a fz35 before our next cruise in september.
                      We are very happy with the fz35, but it is large


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                        I've owned a FZ30 for 4 years. For trips to the coast, camping, and Disneyland it was just too much camera to lug around.

                        And I'll second the comment about Adorama - THREE high pressure calls before my Minolta shipped. Additional batteries, memory cards, cases, lens filters, warranties... Argg!
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                          Originally posted by Loophead
                          Check Amazon and BHPhoto
                          Agree 100%. And pay particular attention to Amazon because sometimes they have really good sales.


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                            Thanks to everyone who chimed in here!

                            I stopped at Best Buy last night to play with a few cameras, and felt that the Canons were my best bet. The Panasonic Lumix did not have any power so i could not really make a fair judgement on it, and the Nikons and Sonys did not grab me. The indestructable Olympus model that was built like a tank did not give me a satisfactory operational feel. The model I liked was the Canon SX210is with 14x optical zoom. I new I could find it online for a lot less so I just ordered one from Amazon! Way more than I had planned to spend, but I really wanted the most zoom I could get in a P&S model.

                            Thanks again everyone!