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Cheapest ereader yet - Kobo

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  • Cheapest ereader yet - Kobo

    Border's new ereader for $149. Getting into real cheapskate territory now. :yes:
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    Cool. I love ereaders, and this one is finally in the price range for mass appeal. I hope it reviews well. I like my Kindle fine but it was much too expensive especially when I purchased it. The contrast ratio could be improved too. It's pretty much the only way I have read for the past two years. That and the Kindle iPhone app. The Kobo is also in range as a gift. Too cool.
    As a side note, although my school days are sadly far behind me, I look forward to the day students can throw one of these things in their backpacks loaded with all their textbooks.
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      Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool too. I have been wanting an eReader and Kindle has been too pricey for me. I get eyestrain on computer screens so I definitely want something with eInk.