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    Okay, I've been out of the technology loop for a little while, so I'm looking for some advice. I have all my CD's ripped ot FLAC's on my computer, and I stream those to the family room/kitchen/patio through a Squeezebox 3, using a Russound speaker selector box.

    I'd like to be able to play music in my daughter's room off of the computer (I have the option of putting a spare processor/amp in there), and I'm curious as to what my options are:

    1. Could I get another squeezebox and put it on the same network? Would that confuse Slimserver?

    2. I could use the speaker wires already run form the main SB, but I would want a remote-controlled replacement for the Russound distribution box.

    3. Are there any cheaper alternatives to the SB these days? $250 for adevice that just streams music seems a little steep, considering something like the PS3 streams music, oh and plays BD/games/etc.

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    Multiple squeezebox capability is built into the slim server software, so that is no problem. You can play different music on each SB or synchronize them. Definitely the simplest solution. I agree, however, the price is getting kind of hard to justify.

    The BoxeeBox has got my eye as an interesting device, but isn't out yet.


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      What about the squeezebox radio? I know I have seen it for a lower price then $199 at times.