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Avatar Ultimate Edition BR - Nov 2010

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  • Avatar Ultimate Edition BR - Nov 2010

    Avatar Ultimate Edition
    Primary info: Link
    Link from AVS: Link

    Ultimate Edition (four-disc edition)
    November 2010

    "...During a recent sneak preview of the Blu-ray of Avatar, producer Jon Landau revealed some more details of the ultimate edition that will come out in November. This four-disc edition will include a brand-new two-hour documentary on making Avatar, as well as unused additional scenes from the movie, which Weta Digital is now working on.

    The additional scenes involve the Na'vi school run by Dr. Augustine (Sigourney Weaver), and Jake's training as a Na'vi.

    Many of the bonus features in the ultimate edition will appear in the intervening months through the Avatar Program at using a unique code found inside the Avatar Blu-ray/DVD..."

    I cross posted this at AVS (Oppo thread) and HTS, but thought people might be interested.

    HT Gear (AVS Link)
    Rk: MA WR-37-32
    Pwr: 20A, Surge-X SEQ, M1500-UPS
    Proj: JVC RS20, 128" 2.4:1 CaradaBW, ISCOIIIL, CineSlide, RadianceXE
    Cbl: DirectTV C31/700 Genie receiver
    Rec: 5308CI + XPA-3
    BR: Oppo BDP-103
    Gm: 360 Pro
    LR/C: RS1KSig/RSC200Sig
    S/R: RSS300/RS250MkII
    Sub: SVS PB12-Ultra/2
    Off: HRT MS DAC, USP-1, UPA-2, ERC-1, Ultra10, WAF-1 Ninja+No-Rez
    Off2: Gizmo, WAF-1
    TCA: 3x Gizmo 1.0or,5x v1.0M; 5xWAF-1