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Looking for a DVR without subscription

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  • Looking for a DVR without subscription

    I've just started looking for a DVR that will allow me to record in HD, but not require a subscription. Crutchfield has a Channel Master for around $400 that snags the signal off air. Before deciding on anything, I thought I'd ask around. Thoughts or suggestions please?

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    Build a PC with a Tuner card is one option.

    The other is Moxi.


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      Exploring the pc scenario...

      Let's say I have an old PC I could use for this...what all would I need?


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        Take a look around here:
        MythTV is a Free Open Source digital video recorder project distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.


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          Originally posted by dawgfan
          Let's say I have an old PC I could use for this...what all would I need?
          Over at AVS this guy has a whole list from lowend to high end on what you can built. I looked at low end real quick and it looks like all the parts would be right around $500. Heres a link that will take you to his latest recommendations

          Quote: Originally Posted by hellerbrewing I think you guys are probably referring to an IR receiver. A blaster actually sends out IR signals. In this case the remote would be doing the blasting and the USB receiver would be reciveing the IR signals. Easiest would be to buy a case with a...


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            Thanks, all. Very good suggestions.


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              I use the DTVPal DVR, which is the same thing as the Channel Master but $100 cheaper, but with a 90-day warranty instead of 1 year. I've had it since July 2009 and it's worked great for me so far.

              Link to the most current Firmware F208: Feature Summary   Specifications   Pre Purchase Questions   Owners' Questions   Storage Expansion   Known Issues   Feature Requests   DVR Comparison Chart   Pictures Last updated: March 15...


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                I've got sony dhg-hdd250 that I'd be willing to let go. Good shape, check out eBay or something and make me an offer. It's been updated too so it gets the free TVGuide OTA.
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                  Digital entertainment solutions. Ceton InfiniTV (CableCARD TV tuners), Ceton Echo (media center extenders), commercial cable solutions, mobile apps.

                  Get one of their 4-tuner cards coming May 31st if you are using cable. If you are using an over-the-air antenna and that is all you need, then Windows Media Center will be more than enough. You would just need a tuner card.