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Please help with Apple Airport Express

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  • Please help with Apple Airport Express

    I decided to try to add an Airport Express (B/G version) to a basic 2 channel system. Neither iTunes nor the Airport Admin Utility are discovering the Airport Express. The manual that came with the Airport is pretty useless as they don't give any setup help. The manual refers to an Airport Setup Assistant that is supposed to be on the software that came with it but is not, not can I find it anywhere online. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has already wasted 6 hours of my time for something that is supposed to be practically plug and play. My iTunes library that I am trying to access is on my desktop, running Win 7 64 bit, running through a Linksys WRT54G2 wireless router.

    Here is what I have tried so far:
    ~Rebooted everything, cycled start up

    ~Verified iTunes is looking for speakers/devices

    ~Verified Home Sharing is on

    ~Verified iTunes is running the latest version, as well as Bonjour (auto updates were already on, but I double checked)

    ~Verified I do not have MAC filtering on in my router

    ~Changed security settings to WPA from WPA2 as it is not a Mac computer and router

    ~Deleted and reinstalled the Airport Utility

    ~Moved the AE into the room with the router to verify it was not out of range

    ~Tried connecting the AE directly to the router, it wasn't found by either Windows or the Airport Admin Utility

    ~Tried connecting the AE directly to the computer with Ethernet, same results as above

    ~Tried turning off all firewalls and WPA protection in both PC and router, still couldn't find the AE in either the Airport Admin utility or via Win7.

    So far I am hitting a blank wall. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check this thread. Might help:

    The page you tried was not found. You may have used an outdated link or may have typed the address (URL) incorrectly.


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      OK, got it to work

      It looks like there was some issue in Bonjour after all. I had to unistall and reinstall iTunes to correct it.

      This stuff is fun when it works but sometimes it makes me want to pull my hair out.

      Thanks for the link BinaryLinguist, much appreciated.