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A little Rant: Is this typical Onkyo customer service?

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  • A little Rant: Is this typical Onkyo customer service?

    I posted this over at AVSForum, but thought I'd do so here too...

    I've had an Onkyo TX-SR876 receiver for a little more than a year now (purchased January 2009) and one of the HDMI ports have failed. I understand that components fail, and as this is covered by warranty, that's fine. However, when I contacted the closest service center, they told me that it would take at minimum 1 month to repair, because "the failure rate of the HDMI port happens very frequently and the parts are in high demand". That 1 month estimate is the MINIMUM - if the item is in stock. If the board is out of stock, it can take 2-3 months because of "the demand".

    This is definitely the first time I've heard of this failure rate. If the failure rate is so high, why was there no recall? The customer support agent told me that it is because HDMI is still nascent technology, but that would imply that other companies have high failure rates as well, correct?

    The rest of the receiver works fine, so it'd be nice not to have to wait a few months for the part. I asked if I could ensure that there was a part available before I brought it in, but no - it's first come first serve. The guy didn't offer to check if the part was in stock right now.

    Is this typical Onkyo service, and have other owners of the TX-SR876 experienced HDMI failures?

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    Certainly unnacceptable, but not terribly rare for electronics repair in my experience. I worked at a Sam Ash music years ago, and we sent items to manufacturer repair centers for customers all the time, and many of them meant 8-12 week turnaround times. There were precious few manufacturers that did better. Usually it was those who did their own manufacturing and had their own repair center that were faster.

    I've never owned an Onkyo product, nor had any receiver need repair, however, so I don't know how they compare to their direct competition in this case, or if it is their norm.
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      I've had similar turnaround times from Denon. 1 to 2 months.


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        I hate getting anything repaired. It is usually very long or stupid expensive...