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    Inglorious basterds or Inglorious terd? It wasn't that bad but it wasn't good. And scalping doesn't turn my crank...

    In the same vein this was so much more entertaining

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    Originally posted by django1
    Inglorious basterds or Inglorious terd? It wasn't that bad but it wasn't good. And scalping doesn't turn my crank...
    For my taste, it could have been a really good movie but Quentin Tarantino had to be... Quentin Tarantino. He appeals to a certain demographic and it's not mine.
    Originally posted by django1
    In the same vein this was so much more entertaining

    Thanks, I'll have to check it out.
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      Yes. Some good performances, but not my cup of tea.


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        Huh oh, I'm with the old guys:eek2:


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          I liked the Inglorious Basterds, although there were definitely things that didn't work for me. I too, thought Black Book was better, but then Paul Verhoeven is one of my favorite directors. I even liked Showgirls.

          I'd rather watch a movie that tries different stuff and doesn't quite get it right, than something that just follows a formula.

          Jim C


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            We bought "District 9" expecting to love it, and didn't. I just cannot get past a civilization with the ability to travel across the galaxy not knowing that eating out of garbage cans just isn't cool. :dizzy:

            We rented Inglorious Basterds expecting to hate it, ended up loving it, and bought the disc.


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              The aliens in District 9 lost their civilization and simply did what they had to do to survive. The line between being civil and being an animal is razor thin, which was the whole point of the movie. District 9 had a good message to deliver and was interesting enough but just wasn't fun. Really one of those watch it once then your done with the thing.

              Bastards was just a fun movie ment to be silly. Trying to taking it any other way would make one not like the movie.


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                Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.
                - Bill Watterson

                I didn't see the movie, but I like the quote.
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                  I thought Inglourious Bastards was the best movie of the year. I will be buying it.

                  ..........And I don't care what DavidJames thought of it :yes:
                  A knock at the door said "Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms" I thought it was a delivery.:biglaugh:


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                    I thought Inglorious basterds was ok right up to the ending, then had to shake my head and say, "oh, well, it's a Tarantino flick, what can you expect".

                    Don't forget, the aliens in District 9 were being used as a metaphor for non-whites and how they were treated under the principle of 'apartheid' in S. Africa. So, you need to overlook the thought, "how could they be smart enough to travel across space, and be so stupid".
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                    -Cliff Clavin


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                      Wife and I watched Inglorious Basterds a couple weeks ago and thought it was good. Definitely a Tarantino movie. We were glad to see Waltz win an award for his role - he did a great job.

                      I thought that District 9 did some things really well from an SF perspective, but I also went into it with almost no prior expectations. There are some precedents in science fiction for aliens with space travel who didn't really have the scientific know-how to develop it from scratch. (The example that comes to my mind is "Footfall" by Niven and Pournelle, where a previously dominant species on the alien homeworld left carefully-hidden carvings that served as textbooks for everything from "make fire" and "plant crops" to "build a spaceship.") There are also historical and fictional instances where strong caste systems created a large group of minimally-educated "people" (human or otherwise) and a very small intelligentsia. District 9 never really tried to offer either scenario as a justification, although the fact that there was this one alien hiding in the ghetto and running his secret lab was enough for me to shrug and assume that the ship had a bunch of minimally-educated crew (either actual crew or passengers being taken somewhere for some reason) and a tiny command crew that experienced some mishap. The script might have benefited by trying to offer some sort of explicit justification in that regard, but any effort along those lines could have also backfired if they didn't handle it right. It's not one that I felt like buying and I hope they don't ever try to make a sequel (that would potentially be pretty dreadful), but I still enjoyed it.


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                        Originally posted by gonk
                        We were glad to see Waltz win an award for his role - he did a great job.
                        I agree with this. His role was the one saving grace in the movie.

                        I thought the movie was rather boring (imo , don't shoot me) and if I didn't have a cold I wouldn't have made it all the way through to the end.


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                          Loved it. You have to watch Tarantino with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek ! Pitt, Waltz, Roth, Kruger and the whole ensemblecast were great, IMHO
                          I was raised watching WWII movies like Kelly's Heroes and the Dirty Dozen. Basterds was certainly a fine tribute to those type of flix.


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                            I liked the movie alot. Very stylish and a little over the top. Waltz made the movie, but I enjoyed Brad Pitts "You don't have to be Stonewall Jackson to know you don't want to fight in a fuc...g basement" Tennessee attitude. "thumbsup:

                            Kruger, Pitt and Waltz all put a little Le creame on their performances.:plusone: