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Mini sub connect via line level = hum

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  • Mini sub connect via line level = hum

    Not sure if this should be in the Loudspeaker or Sub forum...

    #1 - I connected my amp L & R main outputs to the Mini speaker L/R binding posts.

    #2 - I connected my mono subwoofer out to each speaker using a t-adapter at the amp. Left speaker connected at Left low level input connecter only, and right at the right low level input.

    I noticed significant hum.

    I connected the left high level input to left high level output as instructed in the manual to eliminate hum. Still did not resolve hum.

    So I am back to the amp R/L connected to Mini speaker binding posts with the jumper cables going to the right high level inputs.

    Any other tricks for eliminating hum?
    LG 60PS60/BD390/Integra DTR-6.9/RS850/RS450/200/RS300/MFWx2
    LG 42LH30/BD590/Peachtree Nova/Parasound HCA-1200/PB Minis

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    Have you tried a cheater plug?


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      Cheater plug is the first to try, second is disconnect other things with likely different grounds like sat/cable RF feeds, ethernet cables, etc. You may be able to try and plug those items into different circuits. One other thing to try is various isolation transformers, on either the audio signal or the RF feed to cable/sat receiver.

      If none of this makes sense here is a detailed thread about dealing with ground loops:

      Jim C