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  • Ready for some Toys...

    Didn't know which subforum best to put this why not here....
    Yeah, I'm still around lurking, just haven't had the time to interact much :raspberry:

    I'm ALWAYS outside grilling or by fire...and don't have windows conducive to location to get my music outdoors... and I'm itching for new toys...
    so I'm leaning WAFs, Gizmo & AudioEngine AW-1 wireless adapter -streaming from my laptop/Itunes library... any thoughts on this or anyone have experience withe the AW-1???

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    ALOT to catch up on here since I've been away LOL

    still holding out for sub(s) - but I really need to get my music outside...can't hardwire speakers though...this why I'm looking at this combo to move in and out - perfect spot for my grill & firepit not so perfect for accessing music. But everyone (neighbors & friends) keep asking for it when we are together... I light the grill & all the doors open LOL Neighbors flock to the fire... I could just go AudioEngine speakers too... one less step I guess.... but WANT WAFs (loyalty factor + Mandie still loving hers) so, mainly looking for any opinions/experience w/ the AudioEngine W1.... no opinions??? Or should I take this topic to another subforum???


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      I think you are fine here. I have no experience. :no clue: