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    I am looking at getting a bigger case as my current one is old.

    Right now I have the following in it.
    DVD Burner
    BluRay Reader
    3 Hardrives

    It is too small to work with and is very old.

    Would like to keep it under $100 and be able to add maybe more hard drives to it.

    How are these -

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    Depends on what you mean by bigger. I build computers all the time for our company and family and friends. A few years ago my boss left a Antec Solo in my office and my co-workers right before Thanksgiving as his way of showing his thankfulness we worked for him. I had just built him a new DAW for his studio using the same case albeit a little modded for extra quietness.

    It's a nice box but it's tight for some video cards. This got me to searching for a new case that's builder friendly.

    The Chenbro! I found this review while searching and while it's a few years old it is still a good one.

    You can get these with all kinds of extras but I just bought the vanilla version of it without all the bells and whistles. I didn't need hot swap etc....

    The place I got my first one didn't have them when I needed another but Superbiz, formerly ewiz did and that's where I got it the second go around. Case at SuperBiz

    The two fans it ships with are server fans or should I just say "loud" so I replaced them with some Scythe fans I picked up at My 4890 fits in here with inches of space left. Cable management is much easier with this much space as most of the space comes from depth not height. Anyway I highly recommend this case. The only real problem I have with it is there is no dust filters on the intake side of the case so it requires a good cleaning every so often. I am going to try and fabricate a filter mount for the main intake to resolve this issue.
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      Good reviews of cases here:
      Picking your case is one of the most exciting parts for PC builders; it’s the house for all your precious components, but more importantly, it’s the one thing everyone sees. It’s like the avatar of the hardware world; people look at it and go, oh you’re that kind of user… And there are so many

      This is my go to site for computer recommendations as silence is important to me. Even if it isn't important to you the reviews are very comprehensive. I have the Antec P180, but that is out of your price range.