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EAC vs. dbpoweramp vs. J. river media vs. ???

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  • EAC vs. dbpoweramp vs. J. river media vs. ???

    A couple years ago I ripped a bunch of CD's using EAC, but haven't really kept up with what's new etc.

    Is EAC still the "best" method - or has something else taken it's place?

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    I still use EAC, but that doesn't mean there is something new and better...


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      I still use EAC though I had to reconfigure some stuff as I went to the newest one.

      These are the two newer guides I came across for setup -


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        Another EACer. I use it with a script program called MAREO to encode to Flacs and MP3 at the same time.


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          I'll be the odd one and say I prefer dbpoweramp. EAC has great features and customizability, but it's maddeningly un-user-friendly. I just got tired of tinkering with it.
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            I use J. River Media Center with secure ripping turned on. Easy to use and easy to change filenames and tags.

            By the way, Computer Audiophile just released an article on J. River Media Center.


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              EAC is no longer the only way to get a secure rip, so at this point it is nothing special. It works but so do other products that have less of a learning curve. I have dbpoweramp. It was well worth the $30 or whatever thay charge now. I have not looked a J River, but what these things do is not rocket science. If the tool works you end up with files that are exact bit for bit to the CD (when decoded) so which one you use will impact your temper but not your audio bliss.


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                Wow - some great responses and links everyone. Thanks!