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Toe-ing in speakers always a good thing?

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  • Toe-ing in speakers always a good thing?

    Hey guys,

    Today I tried towing my desktop setup - a pair of WAF-1, but I think I like them parallel to each other better. When they were toed in, I felt it was a little too direct (I'm about 2.5ft-3ft away from the speakers). This is not an anomaly, right?

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    What sounds best you is all that matters.


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      Move 'em around. Find what you like best. Based on a recommendation, I started moving my WAFs around on their stands. I now have set them up in a manner I can quickly move them to where I want based on where I'm sitting at the time. Kind of a different approach to putting them in one spot forever and wishing they were somewhere else.
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        I've also found that the amount of toe-in I like can depend on the recording. Some songs I like it better aimed directly at me, while other's I like it where the front baffles are more parallel to the front wall.

        In the end, corndog's advice is the best.
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          Thanks for the info, guys - I've left them facing forward, and they sound incredible!

          Still much more detailed than the ELT525Ms, IMO!


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            As soon as the black ones come in I'm getting a pair.:jiggy:

            I don't even need them really but I'm a big fan of Danny's work and these would go well in my kitchen.:scratchchin:


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              My stand mounted monitors fire straight ahead, with no toe in at all. I have always preferred the sound this way, no matter which room I set up in, even though they are meant to be toed in a bit. It all depends on the room and what you like to hear.


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                The room and the polar response (or On-Axis/Off-Axis responses)...determine how a speaker should be toed-in. Danny's designs are usually very flat off-axis and thus could work nearly any way you want (or whatever works best in the room). Minimizing diffraction/sound reflections is also important.
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