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Haiti Donation Opportunities - PLEASE post any links you have !!

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  • Haiti Donation Opportunities - PLEASE post any links you have !!

    If you are so inclined, please visit this site. They are matching contributions made to the American Red Cross.

    Starting today (Thursday), dealnews will match 100% of your Haiti earthquake relief donation to the American Red Cross, up to $50,000. Our goal is to raise a total of $100,000 including yours and our donations. Click here to read more and to donate.

    Thank you for looking.

    This is a note from the Bosshole: Please feel free to post links to any and all possible websites for raising money for the people of Haiti. The initial reponse of rescue personnel is just a start for what will be needed in Haiti. They will also require longer term funding. Please also be careful to use known quantities for donations. There are many in Haiti who are corrupt, and who will take contributions which were intended to go to people in need.

    dawgfan - THANK YOU for starting this thread. I hope you are ok with modifying the thread title. :)

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    In Canada the federal government will match $ for $ donations to the Canadian Red Cross Haitian fund. Also, and I missed this myself, Ing Direct will match donations made through your ING account. This triples your donation.