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You bassheads are nuts

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  • You bassheads are nuts

    My neighbors with the rattletrap house that causes me to turn my Outlaw LFM-1EX way down are losing their house and moved to Oregon, so I turned the LFE channel on the subwoofer back up.

    Holy crap, you guys with 2, 4, ... subwoofers must be shaking the foundation on your house. :crazy:

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    what???? Did someone say something??


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      Not so much about shaking the house, but when gunshots in a movie can hit you in the chest and then stop on a dime and a little while later you hear all the details in a heavy electronic bass line that everyone chained to an ipod never even knew was there. . .

      Headroom and and even flat bass response, level matched to mains that can keep up with the former - that's where its at. . . and why I'm still saving nickels to buy another pair of subs. :)


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        I'm toying around with my first ever pair of subs right now and can't imagine needing more than 2.....but then again that's the beauty of this hobby, do what sounds good to you! Who knows, maybe I'll build a floating bass wall next....:stirthepot:
        "Let the floating wall float" - m-fine


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          I have four MFW15s, and that's nothing compared to some of the DIY creations I've seen at AVS.


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            My son has been home sick and watching the LOTR while I have been working. Battle scenes in the living room, while I am working. :)