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    I've recently pulled out and hooked up my cheap a$$ turntable and have been listening to some vinyl again. This has raised my interest in picking up something a bit better.

    To start off I am a cheap bastard and definitely would be looking in the $500 or less range (prefer more like $200-300) and used is not an issue.

    It looks like some of the better "new" entry level options would be something like a Rega P1 or Pro-Ject Debut.

    I'm also keeping an eye on CL to see what I can find used locally. Of course the problem there is knowing what to look for...

    Any comments, suggestions, recommendations....
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    I would recommend any of the Music Hall, Rega and Project TT's in that price range. If you want to go vintage you could pick up a nice Dual or Marantz in that range also. If you like the Rega I would go for a used P2 or P3.
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      I started a thread elsewhere over a year ago but it died out after the forum shutdown. Has some good info in it though:

      For under $500, Pro-ject, Rega are Music Hall are great choices. You'll be happy with any of them. I have a Rega P3 and love it.


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        Anybody have experience with getting a MC stylus re-tipped?

        I have a Denon MC, not sure if it needs a new tip, and if the process is even worth it.


        Edit: I have a Denon DL-301, over 15 years old, but sat unused past 7 years post move to PA. Till recently.

        I just can't tell if it sounds 'right', as I don't recall what it sounded like many years ago.

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