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Indy mini GTG with LS9 feeler

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  • Indy mini GTG with LS9 feeler

    OK kids, just a quick check of interest for a mini GTG to hear my LS9s in the Indy area.

    I have the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend off, and could possibly host a small GTG at my house. This would be the 28th of November.

    How many people would be interested? I think 5-10 maximum.

    Once I have a general idea of numbers, we can plan a little more.

    see sig for gear.
    I have a ps3, HDDVD, and Computer Audio setup with all DAC being done by the outlaw 990.
    If you want LPs, analog multichannel or DSD bitstream, look to someone else, I ain't got it.


    ps haven't checked with the wife, but she might not be in town, so...
    Pioneer pro-151FD ; home made iTunes music server ; Infinity Beta / Interlude / Primus blend ; DIY quad 15 subs and 4 ep2500s for power ; PS3 ; Outlaw 990 and five M200s. LS9 in Piano Black Obsidian Stardust :rock:

    My Home and HT Build Thread

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    Wish I was going to be in town!


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      Todd, wish I lived close to come and join in the festivities with you!


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        Sounds like a great time. I wish I could be there, but I have a wedding to crash...errrr...I mean go to :)
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          Hey Todd, count me as interested! Not sure on my availability that date, but I'll try to show whenever it is. Thanks