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Popcorn Hour vs Apple TV vs WDHDTV

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  • Popcorn Hour vs Apple TV vs WDHDTV

    Hey All! Long time no lurk...about to change though.
    And this just a teaser intro to lots of questions...

    Have the WD - like it OK I guess...but some major drawbacks in the way I wanna use it.
    Cousin trying to talk me into APPLE TV...we just recently loaded 87 days worth of music to my Ext HD - and man, did that slow the WD down... And I'm not crazy about the search mode w/ it. LONGGG SLOW Process...
    So I'm thinking of finally "streaming" via laptop.

    Like I said, just a teaser, will be back tomorrow w/ in depth questions.

    In the meantime...
    Users of Apple give me your input.
    Same w/ Popcorn Hour folk.
    And if anyone has compared all 3 , would love to hear from you....

    Peace out for now...will be back in force soon!!!