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    I recently moved into a larger apartment, and realized that I have just enough space between my bed and my dresser to sit and listen to my bedroom setup at a distance that creates a reasonable listening triangle. I always enjoyed listening to music sitting on my bed or at my desk, but this simple change improved the sound quality just enough to make me sit there and simply listen for hours on end. It's just one of those small things that has really increased my enjoyment level.

    How about you guys? Anyone else had an experience where you changed one little thing that made a big difference?

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    Bass traps.

    -Well, 3 of them with another planned, but it was one component category.


    -One item, the Anti-Mode 8033, did a LOT for my rooms bass response, especially really down low and helped clean it up quite a bit.

    Taking the time to dial in the position of all the speakers and the subs.

    -Free, and one of the most profound steps to enjoying any of my setups that I have had.

    No profound insights, but all big steps in enjoying my systems more.