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Geico auto claims?

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  • Geico auto claims?

    Anyone have any experience making a claim with Geico? I scraped my baby on a post in the parking garage this morning avoiding someone coming too close the other way, and now I need some body work. :crying:

    Geico has a system where you bring your car to the shop for the estimate, leave it there, get the rental, and they do the work right there. Pretty efficient and they guarantee the work for the lifetime of the vehicle if you use this process, but I'm a bit apprehensive about the ability of the local Honda dealership to color match the Infiniti twilight blue pearl. So, has anyone had work done this way through Geico? If so, were you satisfied with the result?

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    I have no experience with Geico, but why does it have to be a Honda dealer? I would think a Nissan dealer would be a lot better choice for color-matching.


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      Geico and other insurance companies do that so they can stand behind the work that was performed. It's not so much of what auto dealer as the quality of the work of the shop. Any body shop can fix any repair. Not all of the body shops will do the same job so the insurance companies like to have the work done with the approved shops.

      I know in the past Geico will do what is required by law but they don't always want to pay for dealer parts to go back on the repaired car. They feel that all oem parts are the same. This is why I won't insure my auto's with them. If I drive a Honda then I want original Honda parts purchased from Honda.

      They also will negotiate with the body shops for office space to complete their paperwork for the ability to name the shop a "star" shop for lack of a better name.


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        Thanks, guys. FWIW, I ended up taking the chance and going to the Geico claims center at the Honda dealership. They have a whole bunch of different shops down here that you can go to, but none were at Nissan/Infiniti and some folks told me today that they've heard they do good work.

        In case anyone else has Geico, you might be interested to know that the claim process for me today was OUTSTANDING. They were ready for me when I arrived, had the paperwork all together, and had me in a 2010 Chrysler 300 rental and out the door within 25 minutes. They also treated me extremely well while I was there. I was impressed. I just hope the repair work lives up to the rest of the service they provided.