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    When I orignally ordered my LS9s, I paid for the Piano Birds Eye Maple ("PBEM"). I chose this finish because my now-fiance and I fell in love with the PBEM after attending the first NAGTG and seeing Robert's PBEM Ref 3's. This was back in 07.

    I will be building a new house in a couple of years (around 3) with a dedicated room for my listening system. Ultimately, my listening room will be "themed" to the 1980's. I am planning on having the walls painted a medium neon blue color and will have some posters (along with wall treatments) on the wall. I will also have a white sectional and a small coffee table.

    Now to the point, those of you who were active in the 80's, which of the following do you think would look better in my future listening room:

    A) Hybrid birds eye maple (think similar to Sir A's LS9's, but with obsidian stardust for the front and back baffle with BEM on the sides) OR

    B) Obsidian Stardust

    I really loved the look of the PBEM, but the one pic I recently of saw of this did not overly impress me, though it could look considerably better in person. I really liked the recent pics of the obsidian stardust as well. I'm just torn on which would look better given the design of the room.

    Any suggestions or comments?

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    If it's any 80s theme I think you'll want vinyl on the 9s...

    Tough call. I like the black/veneer combo, just not sure about the obsidian finish vs standard piano black. Hard to say without seeing in person, but I don't think you can go wrong either way. I guess ultimately if you are not 100% on PBEM the all black would be better, as black always works. That shiny black surface surrounded by bright blue walls will be pretty wild. All you need is some neon light fixtures and you'll be set.
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      For the 80's...oak.

      I'd say the Obsidian Stardust may fit in a bit better, but I'd still vote for the PBEM as it is beautiful in person (on the samples I have seen at least).


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        Piano Black and PBEM might make a good combination...the stardust might not blend as well with the PBEM. Just guessing, of course.

        What about an Ebony finish (if they offer it)? Then again...I was a kid in the maybe my knowledge is a bit off.
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          Cujo, no problems. I was pretty young in the 80's myself.

          Thanks so far for all of your suggestions, keep them coming!


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            I think the Obsidian veneer stands out a lot. I really like it. Although, for your situation, I tend to agree that it may not blend well with the PBEM.


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              I have always thought Art's CLS9s with the black front and back contrasting with the curved veneer sides are the best looking 9s. Whether that fits in with an '80s look, I don't know.

              How are you going to be able to get the black front and back from AV123, whether with PBEM or any other veneer? Custom order?

              Don't forget a disco ball and John Travolta posters.:neener:


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                Do you really want to make your speakers ugly just so they fit into your themed room?
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                  No, not at all. lol

                  I just wanted to solicit some opinions on what might look nicest in the kind of room I will have later. I'm good working with theories and facts, but I have trouble visualizing how things look when they are not in front of me. :crazy:


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                    Follow Sir Arthur's lead and do a combo of PBEM sides, tops and bottoms, with black fronts and rears.

                    Good luck,


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                      That's what I wanted, too, a PBEM with the PB front and back like Arthurs. Art's aren't BEM, but are the sharpest looking speaker I've seen, for me. There was some discussion on it in the thread at av123 and I thought it was going to happen.
                      But it was not to be, and I can't say the "plain" PBEM is really lacking either. Understated but snappy looking with the grills on or off. It's the best finish for me anyway.
                      You could put some retro stickers on it for the 80's theme. Happy faces or something, wasn't it? :huge:
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                        It's pretty obvious what I think looks good (and thanks for the validation guys!) :) but I was reading this and trying to imagine a lighter PBEM for the sides and I'm not sure....whether it shows up in pictures properly or not, my side panels are very caramel in tone, PBEM may be too contrasting if that makes sense...might make the PBEM look a bit washed out against the PB...

                        One other very important note, the slightly thicker front and much thicker back baffle on mine are key to the look (I think anyway) as I have seen some diy's that attempted the same finish, and the normal thickness front and back doesn't "pop" to me as much...there are pics of this somewhere over on audio circle...doesn't look bad, just doesn't look great IMO...I'd want to know if MLS and crew can custom the baffle thickness, it was critical to my decision to go the way I did....
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                          The stardust has just enough cheese to be something from the 80s.


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                            For an 80's room, gloss white for sure. Just don't plan on changing the theme of the room later.
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                              I would agree with Stereodude.
                              Hopefully some TCA products in the near future!