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  • Advice needed.

    I'd appreciate advice on a smart phone with very good high-def music performance. Is there such a thing? Kindly put me some knowledge...

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    I would have to say there isn't really a smart phone with truly great music performance at this point that is readily available. There are so many constraints as far as size, cost, and power consumption, that this side of the feature list tends to get shorted at expense of other items such as larger displays, beastly processors, squeaking out an extra 30 min to hour of battery life, etc. For headset I think most are pretty comparable (mediocre) but using the external speaker can have vastly different experience depending on which device is used.

    For headset listening I know many friends/associates would suggest just going with a decent headset DAC/amp and call it a day no matter what phone you have....

    That being said the HTC One has had some really good reviews of the audio in particular and the beats partnership supposedly helped but I am not personally a fan of their more bass-centric sound... The front facing speakers are quite nice though and limit the muffling issues that some phones have.

    The iPhones in general are quality products and have a lot of benefits in the overall ecosystem if your invested in it already with iTunes and airplay and the like.

    For full disclosure I have a vested interest in Motorola so I will pump those if given the chance so take the following for what it's worth:) The new Droid Ultra and Moto X have some really interesting dynamic processing audio technology that helps limit distortion while allowing much higher volumes. I've used the Droid Ultra for a while and it can get MUCH louder while staying very clear compared to past devices that I've had. I've found myself using it as a standalone audio device in many cases where past phones I would have had to plug into my stereo or Swan H2's at my bedside... It won't be confused with a desktop setup but it works pretty well around the house and yard.


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      Replies like this are why I love this community. Fabulous.

      I should have said that this device doesn't have to be a phone pe se, but I would like it to double-duty as some sort of useful personal ED. I'd also be using it only as digital storage, with an external DAC translating output into actual audio. It doesn't even need an analog output at all.

      Thanks, smiji, and I don't have the slightest qualm if it ends up being a Motorola. Although I have sent two Razrs through the washing machine...


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        If your not locked into a smartphone you may want to look into a Cowon portable device. I haven't personally used them but I know a few owners and they've been very pleased with them. They also have some android based ones which give you the potential for more apps and hacks if your interested in that side of things beyond the music storage/playback side of things. Overall though they Seemed to have spent a lot of their design on premium audio playback versus a lot of bells and whistles that you tend to never use after the first few days.


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          Is it smart to just consider all cell phones compromised for this purpose and just move to tablets or other devices?


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            Cell phones and tablets are pretty comparable for this feature set. I'm going to make the assumption that your level of expectations as far as audio performance will be somewhat dissapointed with most mass market phone/tablets. You may want to look at the more niche products that trump the fact they have audio performance as one of their main features. The cell phone industry is slowly coming around but audio performance has been somewhat overshadowed by displays and processor speeds up till now.

            Here's a link on Wolfson parts which tend to have pretty good performance and are starting to be seen more and more...

            Hi-res audio could be coming to your mobile, thanks to the new Wolfson WM5510 chip, which claims to also improve battery life and noise isolation


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              Blackberries are good.

              I have been using it. It really has a good music quality.


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                I've been using my iPhone 5s (and my iPhone 4 in the past) with an app called Flac Player available here: and a PURE i-20 dock available here:
                The combo has been very satisfying to play FLAC files through my stereo. The dock having both Toslink and coaxial digital outputs hooks into my outboard DAC easily.
                Since the dock has an old style 30 pin Apple connector, an adapter cable (lightning to 30-pin) was required to use my current generation iPhone:



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                  I will go with blackberry. They have maintained their standard sound quality.
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                    Pono Music Player

                    Try the Pono Music Player by Neil Young. Take a look here: