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  • TCA Fantasy NBA Basketball....

    Well, the baseball season is winding down with the quadman in a familiar position (near the bottom of course :p), football is up and chugging along and believe it or not, NBA Basketball is but a month away. So I've set up our first TCA Fantasy Basketball League.

    We will have ten teams, with two divisions and six teams making the playoffs. Scoring will be the Yahoo default scoring of FG%, FT%, PTS, 3PTM, AST, STL, REB, BLK, TO. There will no "no cut list" once again this year and the rosters are set to PG, SG, G, PF, SF, F, C, UTL, UTL, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN.

    If you'd like to sign up, go here: http://basketball.fantasysports.yaho...elect?.scrumb=

    The league ID is: 156716

    And the password is: craigsub

    We will be conducting a LIVE draft on: Sun Oct 25 10:00pm EDT

    Any comments or changes to set up, roster, or scoring are most certainly welcome. While we will always have our usual regulars, we will probably need some fresh meat to pounce on, chew up and spit out. I'm looking forward to another GREAT year!

    The COMMISH.
    John W.