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  • Quick Hit on new "Toys"

    I had to buy a bunch of crap for the, bedroom and living room furniture..

    but of course, A/V was part of it...
    Got the WDHDTV media player - mainly for music. Had recently purchased WD 1TB "MyBook" to start the ripping... Had to get new laptop - basic Toshiba Sat - but much better/faster than the Dell I was on. Sprung for the Maggie BR from WallyWorld for $98 - movie watching only. Mainly upscaling SD for now.
    The WDHDTV replaced a CD changer - so far, so good. My HK AVR does a pretty good job w/ the DAC, so for now happy. But I still want 3.1 in the bedroom. So, WAFs on the horizon and I will move/upgrade "main" AVR to the new codecs... Have 6.1 setup right now, my classic Snowmen PNS XLS up front using older Paradigm Titans and CC-170 as "rears" - actually sounds amazing. This room just the right size for it.
    rambling, I know...but all over the place right now "catching up"...
    Where's my subs?? :neener: The best yet to come as I will likely go 50" in main room w/ new AVR and dual 10". Move 37" to bedroom and WAFs w/ current Sony sub & HK AVR - of course this will mean I may just need another BR player also...

    Peace out for now...gonna relax to some tunes ... but YES I will be adding to my "favorite" thread soon!!!:jiggy: