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Anyone else getting calls from 303-000-0000???

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  • Anyone else getting calls from 303-000-0000???

    I was in a meeting with a prospective client this afternoon and ignored my phone when it rang like I normally do when I'm with someone. When I left, I checked my phone and there were no messages, only the missed call from 303-000-0000. Thinking it a very STRANGE number, I pressed re-dial anyway to inform "whomever" to take me off of their list. However, I got the "this call cannot be completed as dialed" message. :shiftyeyes:

    A Google search doesn't offer up much info. Do any of my forum friends have any ideas?
    John W.

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    Probably no one you really want to be talking to!


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      Wasn't that the number that calls when your LS9's are ready...:thumbsup:


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        When ever you sign up for a high speed connection you get into a data base. You'll be getting calls for an 8 piece Teflon cookware set for $49.95 plus shipping, wines from Yugoslavia club, and sometimes roofing from HD or Lowes.

        They're relentless.


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          LOL Jack!


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            register your number on the do not call list. Cuts down on those types of calls.


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              John the last poster on this page implies he knows the number is connected to National Opportunities out of Littleton, CO.

              If you do a google search for National Opportunities, among others, you find this page, you'll find there is some connection with Triple Income Opportunities and/or WorldWide Marketing. Scroll down to the posts from 7/23 and 8/03. Scamming nightmares.

              I don't answer calls from such obscure numbers or with IDs as ambiguous as "Product Development. I has been my experience that, usually, they quickly get the message and stop calling. Then word spreads that your number isn't going to answer, and these calls slow down. I rarely get them anymore.


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       you, I don't answer numbers that are listed as "Private", nor numbers that show up as "000-0000", regardless of their prefix. The "do not call" registry does filter out some, but not all of these types of calls. I get the distinct impression that some marketers would rather pay any fine that they get hit with by calling folks on the "do not call" list than to change their practices. I'm not even certain that they are even worried about being caught.

                More often than not, these callers never leave a voice mail, which tells me they're on some sort of computerized dialing system.

                I actually got rid of my landline based on the numbers of telemarketers that called me (3X more than legitimate calls). Now, since I've listed my cell phone as my "main number", these telemarketers are just beginning to call my cell.

                Since cell phone numbers are inherently "unlisted", that means that some legit businesses that require a phone number are selling my number to other companies. You have to be real careful to read the Ts & Cs to some companies who require your phone number. Some say they'll never sell your number. Others, I've found, reserve the right to send your number to some of their alleged "partners".

                It finally got to the point where I now use a call blocker on my iPhone. Had to pay $20 for it. And, I had to jail break my iPhone to use it. But, anytime I got a phone call from these guys, I can list it in my "blocked calls" list, so the number in question receives nothing but an automated "hang up" on my end.

                Those types of phone calls have decreased. Still see some pop up in my blocked calls log every once in a while though.

                The other disturbing trend I'm seeing is SMS messages being texted to my iPhone from some of these firms, too. Fortunately, I can block those, too.
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