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What's On Your Bucket List?

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  • What's On Your Bucket List?

    Wanna have some fun? Name 2 things that are on your Bucket List (you know, those things that you want to do before you kick the bucket).

    Here are 2 of mine:

    1. Visit the mountains out west, like in the Washington state area.

    2. Buy an M3 Convertible.

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    1. See Yellowstone
    2. Retire at the beach


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      I've done one already: Bought a 2009 Caddy CTS-V a few months ago. Others:

      2. Want to visit Japan.
      3. Take a creative writing course.


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        1. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and back.
        2. Own a classic muscle car.


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          I've got a few but the one that comes up the most is to see the Red Sox in every major league park that I can. I probably have about 15 left. :D Gets tough with interleague as I have to pick and choose my vacations. Man, I love being single. :yes:
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            Publish a novel.
            Climb Kilamonjaro.
            Fly a P51 mustang.

            A few of many...


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              I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I guess the things you want in your bucket kind of depend on how close to the end you are among other things. My father died in February of '07 at the age of 89. He lived with us but the last year of his life was tough. Actually the last 5 years of his life were difficult, but in his last year a lot of events transpired and conspired such that he would speak of the relief that death would bring. The things he wished for but could not accomplish were the things we take for granted. The ability to walk up and down stairs even if it was a struggle. The ability to go to the bathroom unassisted. He did though have a few things he really wanted. He wanted a drink of bourbon after a meal. A cold beer in the summer. He wanted french toast with real maple syrup and strawberry shortcakes. He also liked watching videos of his son who had taken some of the 'old country'. The things he wanted were profoundly simple and were easy to grant. The more difficult were never going to happen.