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  • MusicIP with slimserver

    Anyone using MusicIP with slimserver? I have been listening to Pandora on my SB3 a lot and really like their smart playlists. I would like to be able to do similar things with my music. With my own stuff I usually like to listen to an album. It would be cool if I could play an album and then have similar albums play instead of the Random album play. Also, a regular song mix like Pandora would be cool. Looks like MusicIP might provide that functionality.

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    Thanks, I didn't find that in my search.


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      Thanks I may have to look into this. I also like Slacker Radio.


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        I am working on getting this online. A lot of steps to get them working together, not difficult but just takes some patience and attention to detail. It would get the related album shuffling that I want, but does provide a pandora like shuffling. I will let you guys know how I like it when I get it up and running.