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Is there a program to rename mp3 files?

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  • Is there a program to rename mp3 files?

    I have collected numerous mp3 files. The naming conventions are quite diverse and I want to standardize them. Is there such a piece of software that can recognize and change filenames?

    Some examples of the formats are:

    01 songname.mp3
    artist - songname.mp3
    songname - artist.mp3
    songname [[artist]].mp3

    I'd like to see "artist - songname.mp3" if it's possible without manually renaming all of the files.

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    If you already have proper ID3 tags on your files, yes you can do it with a program like MP3tag or Tag&Rename.
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      Do the files have tags? If so then a free program like MP3Tag will work great. If they aren't tagged, then you'll have a little more work, basically changing the variable string to match each type of file and updating them in groups.

      For example, the 1st one would be $num %title%
      the 2nd , %artist% - %title%

      etc - it will make a lot more sense when you see it in the application, and it shows you previews so you can be certain you have the string correct before performing the action.


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        Thank you both very much. After a very busy day at the office I was glad to see your replies to my question when I logged on.

        Based on a quick run thru of the software, it appears some of my files are lacking proper tags, but many are just right for the conversion. Thanks again!