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What else do you collect besides Speakers?

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  • What else do you collect besides Speakers?

    While my passion for the 2 channel/HT hobby is still there it has decreased from where it was a couple years ago. That is largely due to the fact that I travel a lot for work so I can't listen/watch my system and with the 3 kids now I try to spend time with them when I am home. I've always wondered when audio ran it's course what I would get into...I have found myself researching and collecting bourbon now. It's kinda fun as there are bourbon forums just like audio forums and you can go to different liquor stores in search of "dusties" or old bottles of bourbon as they're referred to. I've started a "bunker" or a place where you stash your bourbon (should be cold and dark)...I'm up to about 40 bottles now and they're mostly special bottlings or hard to find bottles. DOJ is someone that likes the bourbon as well...he's coming up this weekend to hang out, drink some bourbon, and go "dusty" hunting. The thing is, I'm not really sure when I'll drink all that I have...oh well, one day this will run it's course too I least I'll have good tunes and a ton of bourbon to get drunk on! :D

    So besides audio and collecting chicks phone numbers what are some of your other hobbies/passion?
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    I was also thinking that bourbon tasting is along the same lines as auditioning speakers...instead of using my ears I'm now using my tonge to tell me what I like. Just like with audio I had to learn what to listen for in the music to see if a speaker was performing to my liking...same with's amazing the differences between bourbons once you know what your tasting...smell, entry (not that one you bastard!), mid tonge, and finish are some of the segments of tasting...similar to attack and decay in a speaker. I found that tasting different bourbons are kinda like listening to Rockets vs Klipsch.
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      Cigars, logo golf balls, AU memorabilia. I like the idea of Bourbons - time to branch out from MM all the time...It makes more sense to buy 2-3 at a time, stash them, build a "collection" and sample/compare. I've got about 20 or so "super premium" cigars given as gifts just waiting to be smoked - in a humi all of there own...old friend just bought me 3 different Opus X - saving for special occassion.

      Recently collecting beer bottles from all the "new beer" we've acquired here in 'Bama

      And, of course, Audio Avatar Hotties!!!:whoopie:


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        im a young bourbon sipper had about 15 bottles so far. also have a bmw fetish.


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          I got into collecting Hot Wheels for a couple years. I have boxes of them in my attic. I collect a little Cincinnati Reds memorabilia now along with Ford Mustang SVT stuff.


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            What's funny is that over the last few years I've been slowly thinning the herds of the things I've collected, just keeping a few really nice pieces of whatever. . . Mom and Dad were in the antiques business for years (Mom still is), and I guess seeing as they had so many different collections as I was growing up, I just don't feel the need to "collect" stuff anymore. Not to say that I'm still not working on thinning the herd of various collections from ages past. . .

            Haven't read/heard from you in a while, Bob. Nice to see you around. :)

            [edit to stay on-topic] As to the latest stuff to be lingering around, I'm still trying to not trip over swords scattered on the floor, trying not to look like I could open a paintball pro-shop, and maybe one of these days I'll get some artwork hanging on the walls rather than being stacked up against them.


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              Another vote fore Whisky

              I can't say I ever thought of it as a collection, but I lived in Scotland for a couple of years and came back with about 30 single malts , a quick look at the liquor cabinet revealed 24 Sourmash Whiskies, 4 Irish and 1 Canadian.
              I also do Logo golf balls from courses I've played, but I haven't added any new ones for a while.:big beer:


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                Bicycles & Parts

                Love working on old bikes, and changing up configurations - have figured just like with stereos I like vintage simplicity the best (mid 80's road or touring bike set up as a fixed gear).

                I love my current bikes, but there are so many more to try - 650B's, Recumbents, Track, Cruiser, etc.

                Only thing I hate is I've had several cars come very close to killing me, I guess 10-15 seconds to wait before going around someone is a lot to ask. (I am very safe & courteous and obey traffic laws on the bike - these were just total a-holes).

                Jim C


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                  Nice collection Jim C! I like the Specialized - Geometry is an art with these guys, they get it right!

                  I'll date myself here, but in 89' (was 19) I had a Raleigh Technium glued-together MB. It had so much give and flex that suspension wasn't even a thought! Especially in crappy suspension 89'.

                  4' of air off a 1" lip, diving off a rock wall, or switch back insanity - I killed myself on that thing! My back, three fingers, and right ankle remind me every day :)

                  Back on topic: I don't pursue collection, I amass inadvertently.

                  I do have about 10,000 baseball cards from 89' to 91' - Some day they'll be worth what I paid for them!
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                    Originally posted by spl_nut
                    Back on topic: I don't pursue collection, I amass inadvertently.

                    I do have about 10,000 baseball cards from 89' to 91' - Some day they'll be worth what I paid for them!
                    Funny you say that...I have a massive collection (or as my wife would call it, waste of space) of baseball/football/basketball cards. My dad owned a card shop for about 4 years in the late 80's and early 90's and then actively collected until about 96...he gifted them all to me when they moved to AZ in 2001. I now have paper boxes in an 8x8 area filled from floor to ceiling with cards. None of these are commons...all either sets or special edition cards(2 Jordan rookies for sure)...if the card market ever comes back I'll be sitting pretty...if it doesn't, I'll have lots of kindling for fires! :)
                    He who stand on toliet get high on pot!:stirthepot:


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                      Speaking of drinking....

                      We're in a cocktail club that does a themed monthly gathering. At the bourbon night we were introduced to a new favorite from the makers of Jim Beam. It's called Bakers. Wow.

                      I'm also getting into Scotch. Having been a beer drinker since college, I'm learning about some sippin' stuff lately.

                      Regarding collecting - these are not cheap and I tend to collect more than I drink...