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just bought a new (used) projector screen

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  • just bought a new (used) projector screen

    just bought me a new (used) projector screen off eBay.. will pick it up in about 2 weeks so I won't have to pay shipping..

    Draper Diplomat, 10ft Tripod Projection Screen (NTSC) (Draper's product website here)

    I'm real excited about it. We only pull out the projector about one night every 6-8 weeks right now, so I couldn't justify a huge budget to spend, but I really wanted a SIMPLE and LARGE screen... Was going 'round in circles trying to come up with an easy, collapsible, DIY screen, and kept coming up to around $50+ just for a nice frame of this size. ... then this eBay listing popped up.

    It's not A.T. like my DIY would have been, which is a real shame and has me a little nervous-- it's so large it will easily cover all three of my front L/C/R speakers. I'm hoping for such occasional use though (and mostly for the kids), that the price and convenience is enough to justify the purchase. If I'm really disappointed I'm sure I can sell it locally via craigslist for what I'm putting into it...

    Anyway, just had to share.. :)

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