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  • Here's to you...

    Here's to you Mr. UPS delivery package handler man
    So i pay the good man at yes AV123 next day i get my delivery date.
    a few days later BAMM delivery day is here now UPS comes between 1-2 pm so i am waiting then i here the distant rumbling of the truck.
    It parks at the drive and i go outside to meet him he says
    are you mr..
    yep what you got for me
    hold on, he replies
    so he goes to the back of the truck and i here shuffling
    things being moved around.
    Here comes the good part
    then i here a thunk- thunk- thunk-thunk
    Yess this dude is pushing my package end over end to the door. it takes me to the second thunk to realize what he is doing, i am standing there in disbelief at what he is doing.
    then he comments on the thing being heavy, by this time i am looking for a rock or a 2x4.
    It's an amplifier sir, it's a SP3 tube amplifier there are glass tubes in that thing.
    he doesn't say a word so i pick up the package lay it on the lawn and open it right there in front of him.
    all looks well thank God. i ask the man not to go yet i take the amp inside quickly hook it up and turn it on
    all this time am saying to myself please work please work please work.. then the tubes light up music comes from all channels, YESSSS thank you God, thank you thank you.
    i go out sign the paper and he goes off.
    So here's to you O Duke of deliveries it is because of you that i will always insure my packages.

    on a side note the people at AV123 have always yes always
    treated me well and have graciously worked with me on all of my purchases with them.

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    After my last experience, I am now a UPS hater. I will not use them unless it is the only option available to me. Terrible, terrible customer service.


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      this scares the hell outta me...

      Even though I will always get things delivered to work - familiar w/ the drivers of UPS & FED-EX & they take care of packages - I've even told them be extra careful w/ anything w/ my name on it - just makes you wonder what it's like changing trucks, getting loaded, etc..:no clue: