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Outdoor speakers at Caeser's Palace

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  • Outdoor speakers at Caeser's Palace

    Wife and I were in Las Vegas recently, and we were sitting outside of Caesar's Palace just kind of people watching. They were playing some nice music and I looked and saw some green enclosures scattered around their landscaping that I'm sure were playing the music. I though they sounded pretty good for outdoor stuff, and wondered if anyone knew what brand or what they were? Here is a link to one that I found ....

    Are these gonna sound ok? Anyone have any experience with outdoor speakers like this?

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    If you could upgrade the speaker that would probably sound good, magnet looks a tad small.


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      There are multiple threads at AVS on outdoor speakers.
      eg - link

      I also had/have a thread at Home Theater Spot.
      I have yet to find that "great" set of outdoor speakers.

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