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    My wife and I went night diving off the Kona coast few weeks ago to see the manta rays. We lucked out as 8 of them came and put on a great show. I took pictures with my PS camera it was almost impossible because it was so dark and manta rays were fast. I switched over to video mode and took two short clips. They came out much better than I expected. The experience was amazing as they glided by inches from our faces. If you visit Big Island, manta rays snorkling/diving is a must-do. Here are the video clips. Enjoy

    Manta rays night diving just off Kona airport. There were 8 of them that night. Diving depth was 45 ft.


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    Phong, those vids are awesome. Thanks for posting.
    As it turns out, I was never banned. I was wrong yet again. First Obama, now this. :)


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      We did that same dive last month, only we were snorkeling and were at the surface with the scuba divers underneath. It was amazing! The rays just made continuous barrel rolls feeding on the plankton. Towards the end a manta came within six inches of us. Just incredible. If you get to Kona, you must do this.


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        I did this dive with some friends last summer. Easily one of the most awesome experiences I've had. We had 6 or 7 continually buzz us while feeding on the plankton attracted by the dive lights.


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          You guys got ballz... I'd be afraid a shark would come rip my nuts off. I'm scared of sharks ;; :crazy:
          Time waits for no man.


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            Originally posted by Jethro
            You guys got ballz... I'd be afraid a shark would come rip my nuts off. I'm scared of sharks ;; :crazy:
            Nothing to worry about unless they're hanging abnormally low, you're more likely to lose just an arm or a leg. When you think about it, if you did get your nuts ripped off, I'd bet you'd be willing to pay an arm AND a leg to get them back. So you're still coming out ahead.

            BTW Cool videos.