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  • Plasma mount?

    I'm looking for a wall mount for a 50" panny plasma. I'm not sure what to get. Should I get a tilting mount or just a flat mount. What are the benifits of a tilting mount. Any specific sugestions are appreciated.


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    I would personally recommend a flat mount, I got a tilting one, and I don't use the tilt. The main DISADVANTAGE of a tilting mount is that the TV will be ~ 3" off the wall, when standing next to it, the gap is VERY noticible. I also have my TV mounted pretty high (50" screen, center of the screen at eye level while standing, I am 6'1") and don't find the tilt needed. Wish I had got a flat mount (can't you tell?)

    I would also however state that I got the tilting mount "just in case" I would need to tilt it, the peace of mind that gave me was worth it at the time.

    I would also shop at

    I got my mount for something like $20 instead of the $350 I had originally budgeted.


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      i got a fully articulating mount from monoprice for my 58" Panasonic plasma. Very pleased.

      as for articulating vs flat, i went with articulating. I can tilt it if needed, put it completely flat if needed and pull it out for wire access etc.