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Frequency Response Range Of Musical Instruments

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  • Frequency Response Range Of Musical Instruments

    I thought the discussion in the link was interesting and the chart was a bit of an eye opener for me.

    Sound is air in motion — pushed, pulled, beaten, blown, plucked, talked, or sung into motion. Music is sound’s highest achievement, a wonderfully varied mixture of patterned vibrations sent into the air by all kinds of instruments, from a cricket’s hind legs to a massive pipe organ. The frequencies of music, the various repetitions that… Continue reading The Frequencies of Music
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    I've seen that before and I always find it interesting. I'd argue that the (vocal) bass has too much upper end sans falsetto. And the B-flat trumpet definitely doesn't have enough upper end (I can play higher than 2-octaves above middle C, let alone someone like Maynard Ferguson).

    But for all the work we put into getting good low-bass response in our systems, the vast majority of instruments just don't use it.


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      On top of that you rarely see anyone use the lower end of the Piano. Of course drums aren't on the chart neither are movie explosions. Does seem a bit silly to make a big fuss over those two things but it does require a lot of energy to reproduce those sounds.


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        I think this chart just goes to show what it really takes to make a great system; and that is a solid midrange.

        I think everyone puts all of this money into bass representation; buying more, and/or bigger subwoofers, when where it really matters is that critical middle range.


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          I respectfully disagree. IMHO any great system will have the capability to faithfully reproduce the full range of whatever is input to it.

          It is all as critical as, and really matters as much as the listener decides.
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