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    Oh well the hell... anyone try this?

    If anyone remembers this:

    Well... we got back together for a few months, went to Tokyo where we broke up on Christmas Eve (most romantic day in Japan apparently). After some back and forth, we decided it was done for good, and all her stuff is gone. We still talk somewhat, but only as friends. I'm a free man now... but don't meet many new people. So again, I pose this question... anyone try this? I did one of those eharmony and chemistry free weekends but bupkis.

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    I did eharmony for about six months. It takes a lot of patience as you have to go through a lot of people because you may hit it off online but then when you meet it may not be there. It wasn't time for me because I found myself not wanting to put the effort in, but it does work out for a lot of people.


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      I've been using Match for the last 3 or 4 months and I've met a few very interesting people. It's really difficult to meet new people (especially "relationship quality" girls) where I live, especially since everyone I work with is 2 to 3 times my age. I've been pretty happy with Match so far. You have to be a bit patient, though. A "free weekend" isn't really enough. People go active and inactive on the site quite a bit since they'll start dating someone and pay less attention to the site during that time.

      I haven't really tried any other dating sites though, so I wouldn't be able to compare the service with any others.


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        Originally posted by dvenardos
        I did eharmony for about six months. It takes a lot of patience as you have to go through a lot of people because you may hit it off online but then when you meet it may not be there. It wasn't time for me because I found myself not wanting to put the effort in, but it does work out for a lot of people.
        Amen to that... I am usually very good at picking out someone's general personality by how they write. I got seriously proven wrong 2 weeks ago. This girl was *completely* different than I assumed. I was messaging back and forth with someone who seemed "ideal" online. One phone call was all it took to end that... We both quickly realized how poorly we communicate with each other and how different we were (we never actually said this, but it was obvious that we both knew how weird and uncomfortable the conversation was). Neither of us messaged each other since.

        No big deal... there's others. :)


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          I've had great luck with You have to be patient, but that's always the case. You may also want to try Plenty of Fish. It's one of the better free sites.

          Also, try these two sites for lists and reviews of other online dating sites:

          My advice is to meet them in person as soon as you start getting interested in them online (via in email, etc). Building a bond online, only to find out that you don't work in real life is just as bad as bonding with someone because of their looks, only to find that you don't work otherwise.


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            I used for quite awhile. Finally got really lucky and tomorrow we are celebrating our 5th anniversary. This has been the happiest time of my life. It can be worth it!!!


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              I met Mrs. Ninja via I had just moved out from California so it seemed logical.

              We've been together for ~6 years.
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                I recall when I said I would never do the online dating thing. Then meeting girls at the bars was pointless so I gave in. I have been married for 5 years and we have known each other for 9 years. I had been on like 3 different services at the time. It was interesting for sure on chat vs meeting in person on a few of the occasions.


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         - Married May 2005 :woo:


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                    Match - married July 2004


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                      Well.... it wasn't back then because the internet was just a baby. Commodore 64's we like a gazzilion bucks and everyone still got (and actually read) a daily newspaper. Yeah, I know I'm showing my age, but I actually placed an add in the newspaper's match-making section and I even requested a photo with the response. The responses were mailed into the newspaper and then forwarded to me in one big envelope. They would run the add for the two days of the week (tuesday and friday I think) that the section was in the paper, and they would send you a total of three mailings IIRC. If they got any replies after that, you were SOL.

                      The respondent had to include all phone or contact information. I got like twenty responses. Four or five from the women's prison :D (they were all NOT guilty of course :p), one written on that second grade lined paper from when we were kids chock full of misspellings and grammatical errors :peeping: and several that were of some interest.

                      One that I responded to and eventually met is now Mrs. quadman. I think I won her over because when I first called her, she said her brother, sister and two nephews were at her apartment for dinner. I asked what she was having and I like started giving her some cooking advice. She finally said, "well, why don't YOU just come over here and cook it yourself then?" :fryingpan:

                      An hour and a half later after a trip to the supermarket and liquor store.... we were all sitting down to some tasty grilled pork loins, fresh veggies and of course, some nice wine. They all commented that they had never had such a fine meal and I got invited over to cook "anytime." :yes:

                      So a form of even worked for the old fart. :clapper:
                      John W.


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                        Hang on ... Does this mean the Avatar Hottie thread is NOT a dating service ? :hissyfit:


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                          I guess I am old fashioned, I met my wife while she was dating a friend of mine. Ah the good old days. :lurk:


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                            I never had any luck with The local community paper got me lots of dates and even got me laid a few times but nothing serious.

                            Finally, with a "strictly platonic" ad I posted on craigslist I found a woman who I hit it off with as friends. I met her roommate at the time who seemed cool but was really shy and was dating someone at the time. Fast forward several months and I got a call from them out of the blue. While chatting with the roommate (actually they weren't roommates at this point, just friends) I found out she was single and I just asked her out on the spot. We've been together 4 years now!:jiggy:

                            Sometimes it's not who you find but who they know.


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                              My wife was my neighbor. We're still on our first date after 28 years.