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Wienermobile makes unexpected stop

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  • Wienermobile makes unexpected stop

    Wienermobile makes unexpected stop
    One southern Wisconsin homeowner is probably not in love with the Oscar Mayer wiener. The famed hot dog’s iconic Wienermobile crashed Friday into the deck and garage of a home in Mount Pleasa…

    I actually rode in this vehicle (or one just like it) on my 21st birthday.
    That was a while ago!
    Had a crash then too. Just some bun damage...

    HT Gear (AVS Link)
    Rk: MA WR-37-32
    Pwr: 20A, Surge-X SEQ, M1500-UPS
    Proj: JVC RS20, 128" 2.4:1 CaradaBW, ISCOIIIL, CineSlide, RadianceXE
    Cbl: DirectTV C31/700 Genie receiver
    Rec: 5308CI + XPA-3
    BR: Oppo BDP-103
    Gm: 360 Pro
    LR/C: RS1KSig/RSC200Sig
    S/R: RSS300/RS250MkII
    Sub: SVS PB12-Ultra/2
    Off: HRT MS DAC, USP-1, UPA-2, ERC-1, Ultra10, WAF-1 Ninja+No-Rez
    Off2: Gizmo, WAF-1
    TCA: 3x Gizmo 1.0or,5x v1.0M; 5xWAF-1

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    They let a woman try to back that thing out of a driveway...what did they think would happen? Heck she never even got it into reverse!


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      When the wienermobile makes an unexpected stop, that is not pleasant. Now, when it makes an appearance at the door, that isn't too bad........

      They used to hand out replica whistles of the mobile. You can conjure up images on your own.


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        I guess there could be a lot of jokes about women drivers with this.

        But there are a lot of guys who don't think about the consequences of where they stick their wiener as well.