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  • Time to change speakers

    Good morning all. Currently i own the AV12 3 X-SLS encore speakers but the wife and i dont really care for the moho finish and would like some new speakers and ere is what im looking at.

    The JAMO is a 3.0 deal for 350.00 the mains have 2 eights BUT the center only has 2 fours???. I know that REALLY don't matter but they don't even have the same tweeter

    The second is the OMNI deal at vanns . Never heard the omniwave speakers before but think i will like them my only problem is on the left side of the room the speaker will be right up next to the wall.

    Do the jamo and mirage compare to the x-sls i don't care if its a lateral move more than a upgrade just want the av123 speakers out.Not that they sound bad or anything just dont like the finish)
    P.S. any one need a pair of new x-sls speakers in moho

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    IMHO, I don't think that either of those speakers is going to be a lateral move from the X-series.

    Usually, buying retail nets you much less for the same amount of money. USUALLY.

    Perhaps check other internet direct companies like Emotiva; I heard their speakers are supposed to be pretty decent.

    You could also check out Axiom or NHT just went factory direct as well.


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      There is a b-stock/open box sale at av123. You could buy Satin Black X-SLS Encores and an X-CS Encore for $315.75 plus shipping. You could also just buy two pairs of the Satin Black X-CS's for $225.75 and use three for the front speakers. I just got some Cherry X-Omni's and X-CS from the sale and am very pleased with them.