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Tthe Eagle landed 40 years ago today.

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  • Tthe Eagle landed 40 years ago today.

    My Dad worked for NASA and I ended up with some space memorabilia from the different Apollo missions. The above is a government issued glossy 8 X 10 of the lunar module on the moon, 40 years ago today.

    As a kid growing up in Fla. we would go out in the yard and watch many of the early attempts to just get a missile launched successfully. I remember a lot of those early ones turned into a huge fireworks display when they self destructed or had to be destroyed intentionally. Pretty amazing we got to the moon.

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    I was in the Army, TDY (temporary duty), at Ft. Sill, OK. I remember watching it with a bunch of other GIs gathered around the TV in one of our motel rooms.

    My father was born in 1907 when flying an airplane was experimental, daredevil stuff. Commercial flights didn't begin until 1913, airmail didn't begin until 1918, and commercial airlines didn't come in existence until after WWI. He was born before radio and certainly before TV. He watched Armstrong walk on the moon on TV, in color (if it was broadcast in color), at our home near Cleveland. He died 3 months later. GAD! The things he saw in his all-too-short lifetime!


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      On a related note:

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        and its about time we got busy again. :D