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  • WTD: cheaper camera advice

    My in-laws have a Canon Digital Elph, I want to say like the S600 or something. Convenient, small, auto-everything.


    They want something that takes "more instant photo's." IE, from when they press the button to when it is taken (and maybe even how fast it's saved).

    They're pretty simple non-tech folks, they need most of the auto- features.

    I have made suggestions to turn off red-eye, and am thinking of recommending a faster I-O capable memory card.

    Outside of that, I'm thinking of auto- cameras with perhaps faster shutter speed, or other options I'm less aware of.

    Can anyone recommend me some brands/models that might fit the bill? I know to get auto-focus, it'll need to take time. And if they want to use red-eye reduction, that'll also eat semi-seconds. Maybe there are cameras that just do these faster/better.....

    Any advice appreciated!


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    I think pretty much all cameras have improved significantly in speed (button press to actual picture being taken). I'm not sure it gets much easier than what they have.

    You can look through reviews on this website. An example would be the Canon A2000 ( On the right side, you will see the shutter lag speed - you should be able to compare the full autofocus lag times of various models. Some popular models to check out can be found on this page ( It's not a definitive list, but it's a good start.

    Edit - the SD600 has pretty nice times - either I'm looking at the wrong specs, wrong model, or you can't get much better than what they have (


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      Maybe dropping the megapixel resolution and getting the fastest memory card available may help, as you mentioned.


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        One thing from a training standpoint that I've finally got my wife to do is the half press of the shutter button. AF is done and camera is ready to fire with just a nano-delay. Makes getting the shot she wants very easy, whereas before she was always a split second late. Many times it is the Native American, not the arrow.
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          Also when the batteries get low it effects the time to take a picture significantly. Are they using cheap rechargeables or are they in a discharged state before they start taking pictures?


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            1/2 button focus/determination has always been a frustration with my FZ30 - With my brother's Nikon D40 it's almost instant.

            But not as fast as my old film Pentax ZX-10 w/ auto focus lens.

            Digital cameras that are slower than Nikon F2, MP3s that sound worse than an abused LP - The future looks bright!
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              Consumer Reports rates "First Shot Delay":
              First-shot delay (often referred to as shutter lag) is how quickly the camera can take its first shot once powered up. The fastest were virtually instantaneous; the slowest took 1 second or longer.
              and "Next Shot Delay":
              Next-shot delay is how quickly the camera can take its next photo. Models at least as quick as 1 second were rated excellent; 3, very good; 5, good; and 7, fair.

              Subcompact models:

              The Casio Exilim Card EX-S10 was the only one rated "Excellent" at FSD (VG at NSD). Overall 67/73.

              The highest rated Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W300 (73/73) was VG/E.
              The Canon PowerShot SD880 IS ELPH (72/73) was VG/E.
              The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 (68/73) was VG/E.
              The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T90 (67/73) was VG/E.

              A few others scored VG/VG.

              Compact models: Best one was the Kodak EasyShare M1033 (68/74) at VG/VG. None of the others was close.

              Super zoom models: CR also rated the super zoom models but I'm getting bored doing this and the $20/year CR online-subscription is well worth the cost, IMHO. ;)
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                Thanks to everyone! Nice replies and lots of good pointers and info.

                I'm going to dig into the web sites a bit, and also get more info on how they're using the Canon now....
                What if the Hokey-Pokey really IS what it's all about?!

                Kinky Tom!