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    I know there are posts from time to time asking what are good CDs for evaluating systems. I just picked up a great one. XLO Reference Recordings Test & Burn-In CD.

    Track listing:

    1. Technical Tracks: Channel Identification
    2. Technical Tracks: Voice In-Phase
    3. Technical Tracks: Voice Out-Of-Phase
    4. Technical Tracks: Clap Track
    5. Technical Tracks: 3 1 5 Hz Test Tone
    6. Technical Tracks: 'Prof.' Johnson Does Something Spatinal
    7. Technical Tracks: Demagnetizing Sweep
    8. Technical Tracks: Demagnetizing Fade
    9. Technical Tracks: System Burn-In
    10. Music Tracks: Mono, In-Phase
    11. Music Tracks: Mono, Out-Of-Phase
    12. Music Tracks: Stereo, Out Of Absolute Phase
    13. Music Tracks: 'Stormy Weather' - Eileen Farrell/Loonix McGlohon
    14. Music Tracks: 'Shiny Stockings' - Bob Lark/DePaul University Jazz Ensemble I
    15. Music Tracks: Morton Gould: Derivations, 'Rag' Movement - John Bruce Yeh/DePaul University Jazz Ensemble I
    16. Music Tracks: Janacek: Sinfonietta, 'The Queen's Monastery' - Jose Serebreir/Czech State Philharmonic
    17. Music Tracks: Franaz Biebl: 'Ave Maria' - Timothy Seelig/The Turtle Creek Chorale
    18. Music Tracks: Weinberger: 'Polka And Fugue' - Frederick Fennell/Dallas Wind Symphony/Paul Riedo

    I haven't used it for burn-in yet, but I played through the music tracks and can easily tell how they will highlight how your system sounds. The included booklet tells you what to look for in each track.

    I found it on ebay for ~ $23 new.
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