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  • Beerfest

    I'm forcing my girlfriend to watch Beerfest on the premise that she's a german teacher. I'm requiring it be a beer night for us on top of that.

    I don't care if it's microbrews, but I'm going to stay away from mainstream stuff.

    Please feel free to recommend a good drinkable beer for us. I have my stein ready.

    p.s. Spaten Optimator is kickass.

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    Whatever you drink, make sure you drink it from Das Boot :D
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      You came to the right place :yes:


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        I saw that thread. It all looks good, but there aren't a whole lot of comments on taste.
        I may have to give sam smith another whirl...:no clue:

        I'll have to post what I got when I get home, before I start drinking.

        The ones I remember are:

        Sam Adams - Cream Stout
        Grand Teton - ***** Creek
        Spaten - Optimator - always a favorite of mine.
        Dundee - Pale Bock - had this one on father's day and really liked it.
        Dundee - Honey Brown
        Genesee Brewing Company has brewed Genesee Beer, Genny Light and other quality beers out of Rochester, NY since 1878.


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          Bell's Oberon. Very drinkable, and loaded with excellent flavors. They sell it year round, but it reminds me of a summer ale, with a bit of hops.