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  • Sales with a sense of humor

    I ran by Lowes today to try to find some lawn care materials. I have a black thumb, and little patience, so I was looking for the easiest product to use. I have had some dead spots in my front yard and was looking for a spot patch kit.

    As I was debating between two products a Lowes employee came by and I figured I would see if he had any opinions.

    I let him know what I was looking for and when I asked if he had an idea on what was causing the dead spots he gave the best reply I have ever heard.

    In a dead pan voice he replied:

    "I don't suppose you would believe alien space craft would you?"


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    Hahaha wow what a guy. I wish I was as witty as that!


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      Yah... pretty damn good for an hourly employee. Give that boy a raise.
      Time waits for no man.


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        It makes it fun when a salesperson has a sense of humor, especially when it is at a mall store, or any place not always known for hiring "talent."

        Years ago, I worked at Sears during college to help with beer....uuhhh, edcuational expenses. I was in the Men's Clothing dept.

        People would come and ask where the fitting room was, and I would point the way, adding that "there is also a built in geiger counter; if the buzzer goes off, you're radioactive." [there was a sensor with an annoying buzz for eveyone that crossed the threshold]

        I got some great chuckles, several folks came back and chatted with me more.
        What if the Hokey-Pokey really IS what it's all about?!

        Kinky Tom!


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          lol, nice Snowmanick. Seriously, quality salesmen or salesmanship is just not what it used to be even 10 years ago.

          People actually had to work for their money via commision, even in Best Buy, Compusa, etc.