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  • Minivan questions

    With all the awesome deals out there I'm thinking of getting an extended version of a minivan. This will be downsizing a bit for me and I'm wondering if I can get 4 by 8 panels in these things with the door closed? Somewhere around 10 sheets would keep me happy. Pontiac Montana/ Chevy Uplander are in my line of sight but any one is of interest. It must have two sliding "passenger" doors... Thanks!

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    Can't speak about new vans but my 2001 Town & Country holds 4 by 8 with the seats out or folded down. Also held the Rocket 850 Package and a pair of ELT Monitors with room to spare. And seats 7 comfortably. And gets 20 mpg. And handles like a car. Why anyone buys an SUV is beyond me. Oh that's right, when they hit someone, the other guy dies.