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Movies that wasted 2 hours of your life

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  • Movies that wasted 2 hours of your life

    Feel free to chime in with your choices, but here's my most recent.


    I kind of knew what I was getting myself into with this movie since it's a Woody Allen film. To me, he's the total antithesis of what it is to be a man. He's ugly, scrawny, whiny, creepy....just not what my definition of what being manly is about.

    But, he's got that "get in touch with your feelings" thing going on that women seen to dig so much. That must be how he gets the "young chicks", and what Mia Farrow is probably so pissed at him for....aside from him "hooking up" with their adopted daughter (which only adds to his creepiness).

    But, at the suggestion of a female friend, I put this in my Blockbuster que. Forgot all about it. Female isn't around anymore. But, the movie shows up in my mailbox. Ok, may as well watch it since it's supposed to be "great".

    What is it with Woody Allen movies? No surround sound? Being a long time film maker, wouldn't he know that every other movie...say,. made in the last several years has adopted surround sound?

    Granted, it's a dialog driven film. But, there were several scenes that could have used some surround ambiance. But channel......mono. Sheesh!

    Then, there's the movie itself. Don't know why I expected something different. But, here's another one of those...."all characters are off the charts not knowing what they want". Then, he spends two hours trying to tell us that. Could have done the same thing over a 60 second commercial break. While the potential was there for some hot nude and sex scenes (since he's spent a lifetime inexplicably getting nookie from the most unlikely sources), aside from a few "above the neck" scenes, who knows what kind of pelvic bumping is going on.


    If you're a fan, stop here.

    Let me sum this up for you. There are 4 main characters. One artist, who divorced his wife because she was violent and suicidal. He meets up with two American tourists, who he wants to have sex with.....and does. Both fall in love with him. One gets married to someone else anyway and whiles about how she wished the artist communicated better. The other one was a free spirit, who fell in love with both the artist, and his ex-wife. But, never really knew what she wanted, and left. Then, there's the ex-wife, who came back into the picture, tried to kill her ex-husband again, in addition to herself, again.

    In the end, no one is really happy. The movie ends.

    That's it. What a waste of time.
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    Two movies stick out to me: Lost in Translation and Mars Attacks.

    Lost in Translation wasn't horrible, but it was jsut a waste of 2 hours. It was partly because of deceptive marketing - I knew almost nothing about the movie but saw it in Blockbuster, where it was described as a comedy. I like Bill Murray, it was billed as a comedy, and I knew it was critically well recieved, so I picked it up. I kept waiting for the intro to end and for the main plat to start, but after an hour I realized there was no plot. Out of massochism I kept sittin gthere until finally the credits rolled.

    Mars Attacks touched something much deeper inside of me. I'm not sure what it was, but the mere thought of that movie makes me want to gouge out my eyes and drive an icepick through my eardrums so I cannot be subjected to the horror again.


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      My two (that jumped to mind)

      1) Hancock- just couldn't bring myself to care. didn't even have good sound effects for a summer big budget blockbuster.

      2) Alexander with Colin Ferrell (technically this thing wasted three hours of my life) I found it slow, boring and not even remotely entertaining. My wife felt the same. We still joke about how bad we thought it was...

      again IMO, YMMV

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        First one that comes to mind for me is "Very Bad Things" which would have wasted 2 hours of my life, except we actually got up and left the theater midway through. It was that horrible.


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          last 2 I can recall are cloverfield and mirrors. I have seen quite a few others that I cant recall ATM where I was FF through them.


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            The Spirit


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              "The Spirit", I agree....hoped it would get better, never did.

              "Lost in Translation" didn't really give me a sense of, well, anything. But a lot of Bill Murray's recent movies leave me feeling that way.

              "Sideways" was another one of those movies that I couldn't wait to be over (could have been the company I was with when I watched it, though).

              I actually liked "Cloverfield". I use it as an audio reference disk.

              "Mars Attacks" I've only seen on broadcast TV. Either they cut it up really badly. Or, as mentioned, it really sucked. Didn't care for it, either.

              Either I haven't seen the rest of the ones you guys mentioned. Or, they didn't leave an impression strong enough for me to remember.
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                Hudson Hawk!


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                  Biggest piece of dogcrap I've seen recently was bangkok dangerously... what a waste of my time. :toilet:
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                    Dude, Where's My Car
                    Hudson Hawk
                    Punch Drunk Love
                    Napoleon Dynamite


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                      Originally posted by Jethro
                      Biggest piece of dogcrap I've seen recently was bangkok dangerously... what a waste of my time. :toilet:
                      Thanks for that. I'll take it out of my que.
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                        Easiest question I have ever been asked.

                        The Crying Game


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                          Message in a Bottle.......

                          Yes I am ashamed I went to see that especially considering the girl I took there dumped me like a week later saying that I should be romantic like Kevin Costner was in the movie. Thank God I was in high school at the time.

                          My ego has yet to recover though...



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                            The Spirit

                            Max Payne

                            Bangkock Dangerous

                            Babylon A.D.

                            Mamma Mia


                            That's a total of 12 plus hours I want back.
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                              A.I. ~ The damned film never seemed to end but had three endings along the way. Ugh, I want the 47,000,000,000 hours that film took to watch back. OK, it was shorter than that.......... but just barely.