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The Hops are finally FREE!!!

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  • The Hops are finally FREE!!!

    I forgot to share this yesterday, as the bill was signed early Friday morning.
    Some of you may remember my complaining about the lack of beer available in my state due to archaic, nonsensical, restricting laws. Well, our gubna finally somehow saw the light of day and signed Alabama HB373, the Gourmet Beer Bill, raising the limit from 6%ABV to 13.9%. He also, earlier in the week, signed a bill raising the limit on ABV wines. :rock::clapper::woo:

    It's been some 4 years in the making, the push and vision led by

    Needless to say, this is making for a joyous weekend around the state, and the timing almost perfect for the Mem Day Weekend!!! And our is just around the corner...

    There are still some crappy laws & restrictions to fight, but the Hops are finally free!!!! So, in time, I will be revisiting our "What are you drinking now" thread anxious to see what we now at least have the chance to sample!!!:oh boy::blues bros::band 1::partay::big beer::woohoo:

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    Awesome, it's about time. I always liked to try to track down local microbrews and enjoy them when I traveled, and remebered some of those wacky laws in the Carolinas. It's good they're finally getting rid of them. The laws there are similar to those in Ohio I think, and allow everything except the big dollar ultra high abv stuff which is a novelty, and barely beer anyways. I've had the Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA and World Wide Stout in Maryland which are at least 18%. They were good, but I'm honestly not sure if I'd call them beer or not. I've never found Samuel Adams Utopias, but I seem to recall it's priced like a fine single malt scotch anyways.


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      Well then this one would still be out for you folks.

      DuClaw's Microbrewery Colossus. In 750ml bottles only, 23.5%ABV!

      That was a sipping beer if there ever was one. :)

      One of my favorite from DuClaw's is the Repent Belgian Quad. Very tasty indeed.

      The DFH World Wide Stout is another sipping beer at 18% as you noted and a very nice stout.
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