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anyone here have the new Apple TV box

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  • anyone here have the new Apple TV box

    I am thinking of getting one, my friend got one and put all of his dvds and cds on it and then sold them to a store and made some money after backing them all up of course and putting copies on another hard drive and put in his safe. I have over 1000 DVDs. Storage and cataloging them even with DVDprofiler is getting harder. Would love to just Itunes them all and be done with it......
    Oakie Mike

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    An alternative to consider.

    I got an HP MediaSmart Server *EX485) in Feb. I added 3 1 TB drives to it. You can also plug in 1 eSata external and there are 4 USB connections.

    I did/am doing what you want to do. I have 400+ movie & concert DVDs and all odf the Stargate & Star Trek TV series DVDs. I am almost done loading everything onto the server. OK, that's the simple version of the storage.

    Next was how to play them in my HT. Wireless was disappointing, so I dropeed some CAT6 cble and it's perfect. The big question was what front end to use. The Apple TV is great for iTunes/music, but linited for video. After way too much research, I ended up with a Popcorn Hour A-110 because, from a video perspective, it plays just about everything (BTW - only so-so fror music functionality).

    I put some software on it called YAMJ to act as a super nice GUI that organizes and shows the DVDs by poster/cover art (alphabetical, genre sorting) and added a skin called 5150 that takes you to a second page after clicking on the DVD and gives you all the info it scrapes from the IMDB (plot, rating, cast - the list goes on).

    MIght be worthwhile to Google the stuff. Especially, search for YAMJ and 5150 so you can see the visual impact.