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Today I scored some SERIOUS retro gear...

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  • Today I scored some SERIOUS retro gear...

    Guy on Freecycle offered up "Really old tube radio and turntable" so of course I jumped right on it! I snagged a Philco MODEL 38-7T (1938 model you can see here). Cabinet is in rough shape (paint splashes) and the cord looks like a herd of rats chewed on it. Also got a Philco 42-1002P (1942 AM Radio/78 TT viewable here). The cord is in worse shape on this baby ;) I wish I was qualified to fix them, but I doubt I am. Still, I'm going to give it a go. Both are beautiful pieces if I can restore them.


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    Got a quote of $350 to clean it up and repair it without fixing the cabinet :( Think I'll tackle them myself!


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      I love that syle of radio. sweet gear.

      I love how music can brighten up a bad day.


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        Thanks! Really looking forward to trying to get the radio up and running anyway. I love the tuner on it, you have to pull out the locking handle and rotate to find your station. Just cool ;)