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New scanner, old slides, 1967 24 Hours Daytona

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  • New scanner, old slides, 1967 24 Hours Daytona

    I just got a new scanner (Epson V700) to scan old photos, slides, and film. Ran across these I took many years ago at Daytona.

    Bruce McLaren at right of another Ford team Ford GT Mark II. He drove No. 3

    Porsche Carrera 6

    Ferrari GTB

    Ferrari P4 Ferrari P4's placed 1st 2nd and 3rd that year

    Phil Hill's Chaparral

    Victory Lane

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    nice shots koa!! And that scanner did a nice job, too....much better than the one I'm using on the printer.
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      Here's the three winning Ferrari P4's (23, 24, and 26) at the beginning, the Fords (including 3 and 5 here) all dropped out with mechanical problems and I think the Chaparral (15) crashed or caught fire but DNF.


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        Beautiful shots! Why are you holding back the racing babes?:scratchchin:


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          Incredible pics! Thanks for sharing. :applause:
          A great shot of Bruce McLaren.
          The GT40 and Ferrari P4 have to be two of the best looking race cars ever built.:yes:
          If you dig out any more please post them here!
          Here we go again ;)


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            AWESOME...give, us, more!
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              Thanks guys. Here's a few more I have scanned. I also had, but lost, a bunch of 8mm movies. I was in high school and my brother found out they needed pit runners to take info between the pits and the officials. So a bunch of us went up to Daytona and found out they hired too many of us. We still got the pit passes and could go anywhere we wanted. The only pits off limits (because of large tarps covering them) were the Ford sponsored GT's. I still have the original program which lists all the drivers and info which is how I remember who drove what car.

              Bruce McLaren's Ford GT MkII (if it's No. 3) Mario Andretti and Richie Ginther (if it's No. 6)

              Ford GT 40 Dr. Richard Thompson and Jackie Ickx drivers.

              Porsche Carrera 6 Charles Vogele and Herbert Muller drivers.

              I think this was after the final lap or very close to the end, first, second and third were the P4s. No. 52 was a Porsche 6 Prototype (1900cc!)

              Ford GT Mark II Ronnie Bucknum and Frank Gardner drivers.

              Ford GT 40

              Carrera 6 and Hill's Chaparral (Wish I had gotten the Chaparral's rear with the huge wing in that shot) EDIT: I just realized I caught part of the rear wing, I need to darken the photo a bit to separate it from the sky.

              Ford GT Mark II's

              1966 Alpine 1500 cc Paul Richards and Ray Cuomo drivers

              If I remember correctly one of the Chaparrals caught fire (bad picture I know)

              I only have about 50-60 slides total, no babes, all cars, some are just Ferraris in the parking lot, etc. When I scan more I'll post more if you want.

              Looking at the program, there was a Dodge Dart, Ford Falcon, Plymouth Barracuda, a coupe of Cameros, 5 Triumph TR4as, 2 Volvo 122S, couple of MGBs, only one Cobra entered, along with the Fords, Porsches and Ferraris.


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                Oh man! These are utterly priceless, thanks for sharing! :clapper:


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                  I've got the Epson V500 and it does a nice job too. If you've got more, I'd love to see them. In fact, I've going to post this over on the Shelby boards so you get some more questions.


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                    I was doing a little searching and ran across this restoration of Car No. 11 from the race. Pretty cool.


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                      koa....that is so COOL!:rock: How did you actually get into the pits?
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                        Originally posted by graphicguy
                        koa....that is so COOL!:rock: How did you actually get into the pits?

                        This is AWESOME stuff. What an experience to have....such nostalgia!!

                        I'd love to see what a couple of these cars bring at a Barrett Jackson auction...

                        Speaking of Barrett Jackson..I heard they are auctioning off Corvette serial #1 soon (that or Mecum)
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                          AWESOME shots and thanks for sharing!


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                            I don't recall exactly how my brother found out about the jobs for the race. Hard to believe that was 42 years ago. We got free admission if we worked the race by taking info written on paper from the pits to the officials somewhere else. Since too many kids were hired they just let us keep the pit passes and we didn't have to do any work. We slept in my friend's stationwagon on the infield. Back then they allowed us to get very close to cars. I don't think I had a telephoto lens, I was using my friend's Dad's camera which probably had a 50 mm lens.


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                              For the Shelby guys that will be visiting, this is like finding gold in your backyard. Maybe better, a GT40 :crowd: