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jammed fingers really suck

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  • jammed fingers really suck

    my team fell apart in soccer and I got massacred in goal. One shot had a nasty upward movement on it and it bent all fingers back at the middle nuckle on my right hand.

    we lost 11-4 and the team let up in the second half.

    typing hurts like a *****. not a whole lot to do with only 1 hand, and i dont feel like doing that either.

    I hate sports injuries.

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    11-4. Wow. :dizzy:

    Hopefully the coach can work in a discussion on defense this week. :boom:

    Doesn't give much credence to the old argument "I could beat you with on hand tied behind my back (or with one hand mangled)". :huge:

    The ONLY reason I decided to bust your chops a bit was because it doesn't look like you will be able to resond with any digital salutes!!!!!!!!:crowd:


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      About 15 years ago, I was playing in a Coaches League soccer game and since I'm too feeble to run around, I played Goalie.

      I was on fire that night. Nothing got past me. I stopped a penalty kick. Than a second one got called. The guy hits a rocket towards the upper right corner. I lunge to my right, extend my hand out and CRUNCH. One of the most disgusting sounds I've ever heard as my ring finger gets dislocated out of its socket and is just hanging there. One of the guys comes over and offers to pop it back in. I decline and go to the emergency room where 4 hours and one shot of lidocane later, a doctor finally does it.

      I still have trouble bending that finger to this day. Glad it wasn't my middle finger. I'd be at a loss driving in Jersey.